V2 Feedback : require selection from parameter

  • I have a script that makes a volume from two svg files that are chosen from text parameters. Then a require is made from those parameters. Won't it be possible to have a list parameter that can be feeded from file names (naturally from project folder) filtered by a mask (like *.svg or profil??.svg ) ?
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  • @z3dev I could easily adapt to any solution allowing to feed a list parameter with files, it will be far a better UI practice than my current one that requires the user to type the file name. Or maybe the ability for a text parameter to receive a file from a drag-drop operation.

  • @gilboonet nice idea.

    of course, design parameters are defined by getParameterDefinitions(), but internally this function can call other functions, do calculations, etc. i would expect that loading JSON files should be easy.

    if you want access to a list of files in a subfolder... hold on... there's are some changes in progress. 🤓

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