Unexpected Holes into volume extruded from Svg paths

  • Hello, I'm trying to make simple volumes made of svg path. I tried to make a full path using Inkscape path difference, but the imported svg contains several paths, the first = background and the others that need to be subtract from it. Anyway, it works, and I obtain a volume, but it contains holes that appear when I try to clean it and make it impossible to work it (I'm trying to create bevels) even after MeshLab removed all non-manifold vertices.
    I also tried to export the volume made from only the background extruded, and it already contained holes.

    Capture d’écran de 2020-11-08 11-09-47.png

  • @gilboonet no problem.

    there's plenty to fix still, but each release improves V2 JSCAD. i'll post an update once there's something to test for this issue.

  • Any 3d format could be used. I ran this test because I was mistakenly thinking that the Alpha 11 release would fixed issue #696.

  • @gilboonet what's the target export format? STL?

    this looks like the same issue as discussed in issue #696. the STL export needs an additional step called fixTjunctions(). the current export doesn't guarantee proper meshs with triangles.

    i'll work on this as a priority for the next release.

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