V2 Feedback : about slicing

  • Hello, I had a 3d model that I wasn't able to export to 2d format after I sliced it on 2 axis , and I just found that there were extraneous lines on it that needed to be removed.
    Capture d’écran de 2020-12-02 10-00-52.png
    After I removed red lines (on the left model), I was able to slice it and export resulting slices to 2d (svg).
    Capture d’écran de 2020-12-02 10-28-58.png

    now when I encounter this export error, I will look for lines that can be removed, but I suppose that a solid projection function could work even with them. Does anyone know how I could do to make a real projection function ?

  • @z3dev I'm currently working with furniture models, they are all hand made. I sliced 8 models (they are available here https://github.com/gilboonet/designs/blob/master/MEUBLES/readme.md, each picture open the corresp. model into jscad) and they are clean because my scripts (slicer and unflattener) can only produce patterns for models without errors (holes, non-manifold). It's certainly my process that met an unhandled condition. To produce 2 axes imbricated crosspieces, I need to slice and then split slices that are made of multiple separated pieces because crosspiece cut need to be done for each piece. As you said it is too complex to debug. I need to simplify my process, maybe voxelization could help.

  • @gilboonet i like the script but it's too complex to debug.

    a few more questions... the issue seems to be with the number of polygons, but that doesn't make sense. so, there may be an issue with the points or the faces.

    is the mesh solid? no errors? (I haven't seen a CAD system that produces clean mesh.)

    have you tried to a simple 'union' using the original mesh (from import) and a little cube? i'm wondering if the retessellation would help.

  • @z3dev It made the slices, but the error happened when exporting to 2d. At first, as it is a very large model (120 cm x 40 x 40) I try to halve it but it still didn't export. I didn't test deep enough to know what exactly is causing this but when choosing slices position, some cause errors on the top of other slices. The script with erroneous 3d model is here https://jscad.xyz#https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gilboonet/designs/master/MEUBLES/sq_ed0008_err.js.

  • @gilboonet the process sounds interesting.

    Do you know why the example on the left cannot be used? Which 'slice' is causing the issue? the top slice?

  • @z3dev it is hand made model from Wings 3d, exported to .obj with triangular tessellation. It has many triangles because it is also used halved for another process, but it's something I do with lots of models that I was able to slice. The only difference is that to have it take the smaller possible bounding box, I rotated it 45° on Z.

  • Just a quick question... is the 3D model on the left an export to STL? It has a lot of triangles.

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