using jscad as a library

  • is there any proposed way to use jscad not to process jscad-files, but to use the csg-capabilities and the viewer "directly" from javascript in a website?

    My primary intention is to avoid unnecessary calculations if only parts of the model are modified. I assume that the results of csg-operations are not directly drawn into the webgl-renderer. Is it possible to manage the caching of the intermediate data somehow by myself?

    If I try to adopt the web package, jscad looks pretty much like a black box...

  • @tektio there are several people working with V2 JSCAD libraries now.

    Here's one that I created to show how to use the viewer, as well as some of the common core functions.

    Take a look at the General Discussions, as there's a thread started that lists some of the projects.

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