Release : 2021 JUN 11

  • There's a new release of JSCAD, including changes from several pull requests.


    modeling: added mat4.invert (#860)

    Bug Fixes

    cli: corrected assembly of options for serialization and deserialization
    amf-deserializer: corrected conversion of color specifications found on object elements
    amf-serializer: corrected conversion of colors found on geometries and polygons
    dxf-deserializer: corrected conversion of color values found on entities
    io: corrected assembly of serialization options in generateOutputData
    svg-deserializer: corrected conversion of stroke/fill to geometry color
    modeling: corrected snapPolygons to maintain color attributes
    modeling: corrected triangulatePolygons to maintain color attributes
    web: fix render onresize (#854)

    Performance Improvements

    web: removed JSON serialization of solids between worker and main threads (#853)

    Successfully published:

    • @jscad/cli@2.2.4
    • @jscad/core@2.3.4
    • @jscad/amf-deserializer@2.1.1
    • @jscad/amf-serializer@2.0.5
    • @jscad/dxf-deserializer@2.3.1
    • @jscad/dxf-serializer@2.0.5
    • @jscad/io-utils@2.0.4
    • @jscad/io@2.0.5
    • @jscad/json-deserializer@2.0.5
    • @jscad/json-serializer@2.0.4
    • @jscad/obj-deserializer@2.0.4
    • @jscad/stl-deserializer@2.1.1
    • @jscad/stl-serializer@2.0.5
    • @jscad/svg-deserializer@2.2.3
    • @jscad/svg-serializer@2.2.2
    • @jscad/x3d-serializer@2.2.3
    • @jscad/modeling@2.4.0
    • @jscad/regl-renderer@2.1.3
    • @jscad/vtree@2.0.5
    • @jscad/web@2.3.3

    Thanks to @hrgdavor for the performance improvements.

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