Feb 12, 2016

  • Jeff Gay
    OpenJSCAD 0.4.0 is available on github & openjscad.org

    Changes include:

    • Refactored JSCAD script processing, and split up into separate Javascript files
    • Refactored index.html, and created supporting Javascripts files in the JS directory
    • Enhanced index.html. The editor panel can now be hidden by clicking on the tab.
    • Safari can now download files after conversion, but the file must be renamed in order to use it.
    • Added a new application; min.html. This application provides an example of how to show JSCAD designs with minimal HTML and CSS.
    • And a few minor bug fixes.

    And for those looking for a great project, please see the WIKI on how to contribute code changes and documentation. https://github.com/Spiritdude/OpenJSCAD.org/wiki
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    Jeff Gay
    Could you raise a new issue for the URL options? The code hasn't changed and still exists but things may be slightly different now.

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