Jun 11, 2017

  • Jeff Gay
    OpenJSCAD.org 1.0.1 Release is available at www.openjscad.org, GitHub, and NPM.

    For those wonder why the long interval between releases, a lot has happened. The whole project has evolved into an organisation called JSCAD (https://github.com/jscad). We hope this allows others to participate, contribute, develop, extend, etc even more.

    Why the new organisation?

    Simply put, JSCAD contains the whole stack now. The original authors of CSG, OpenJSCAD.org, SCAD/JSCAD translator have generous agreed to take part. All the libraries, functions, etc are all under the new organisation. You can contribute changes anytime, just as before. Plus you can be come a member and contribute direction, innovation, etc to any library.

    Want a change? Now is your chance to contribute.

    Also, there has been a huge move to NPM and NODEJS. Every library is now available as a NPM package, and can be used as component of any NODEJS based application. There’s both README and CONTRIBUTE notes for each library. We have to thank Mark Moissette (author of CoffeSCad) for the HUGE contributions.

    New Features:

    • Automated (CI) testing of all libraries, including OpenJSCD.org
    • Test suites for all libraries (Note: We are still looking for more test cases!)
    • Test coverage analysis for all libraries
    • On-line documentation for libraries, via JSDoc comments (Just starting)
    • Further restructuring of code into additional libraries; io library for format export/import, scad-api for OpenSCAD-like API
    • NPM packaging and dependency management, as well as publishing to www.npmjs.com

    New Features by Library

    • CSG
      • New shape: CSG.cylinderElliptic() contributed by Przemyslaw-Marchewka
      • New shape: CAG.ellipse() contributed by Z3Dev
    • scad-api
      • Created new function css2rgb() to facilitate color lookups via CSS color name

    Bug Fixes by Library:

    • scad-api
      • Corrected square() where single parameter passed as number
      • Corrected determination of arguments to color()
      • Corrected length of returned string from rgb2html()

    And for those looking for a great project, please see JSCAD organisation at https://github.com/jscad

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