Cooperation with BlocksCAD

  • The issue is closed.
    I'd love to see that parameterized OpenJSCAD designs can be used as Blocks in BlocksCAD. Would this be a different issue?

    It would be great if BlocksCAD would have some "import" mechanism where one simply has to specify an URL of an example e.g. for:

    the url would be:

    and since the design describes it's own parameters a corresponding BlocksCAD block would be made available for use.

    I think this would be a tremendous improvement for the transition from beginner to expert. Beginners could use BlocksCAD but still get access to parameterized more complicated "parts". Intermediate users could combine there own first OpenJSCAD solutions with BlocksCAD stuff they started with. And finally if experts don't need BlocksCAD anymore they can work in OpenJSCAD all day.

    What do you think?

  • It would be really cool to have further cooperation with BlocksCAD. That interface is really interesting, and easy to use.

    I know that several versions of CSG library have been integrated, so further cooperation should be possible.

    However, it seems BlocksCAD has not been revised since 2017. It seems that ‘yoderdan’ has not made any changes lately, so his input would be required.

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