Having trouble with variables in the Block design option

  • Trying to use the Blocks option in the Microsoft Store app OpenJSCAD --- it seems to be the same as: http://openjscad.azurewebsites.net/

    Unfortunately, it seems to not like/support variables --- one can't rename the basic "item" to anything else (in the app, it works fine on the web site), and setting up: model | union | set item to 50 | cylinder: radius item,height 10 results in the error: Error in line 12: Expected ')'

    The generated code is:

    // Model from Block Coding

    var item;

    function main() {
    return union( item = 50;
    cylinder({r:item, h:10}));

    Any idea why this doesn't work?

    is there any way to get JSCAD code out of https://www.blockscad3d.com/editor/ instead?


  • It seems to me that the ‘Code’ tab in the upper right exposes the code in BlocksCAD. I was able to select and copy the code.

  • Unfortunately, the JSCAD organization doesn’t support the Azure application, as that was ported and enhanced by someone else. The JSCAD version is from 2015 as well, so there are probably lots of issues.

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