my html5 / jscad app for "digital cardboard crafting"

  • Hello, I'm using JSCAD for years now to help me build cardboard objects, statues and furniture. I decided at the beginning of this year to build a website offering users to do the same. My crafts need essentially 2d patterns to cut, fold and glue. I used last V1 version that I embedded in my website, and replace viewer-minimal.html with some custom html allowing the user to first choose a 3d model (from a .jscad script, a .stl file, or a .obj file), then one of my crafting scripts that runs on the chosen 3d model. User configures the craft as needed, then run its 2d mode that renders 2d data. Last, user click on "Créer PDF" (create PDF) that uses the 2d data and make a .PDF file. It works fine and not only on pc (I use Ubuntu/Firefox) but also on tablet (Android).

    You can use it here :
    There are some example models on "(Charger volume)".

    "Depliage" script takes lot of time to render and it can take advantage of colored zones (materials) from a .obj file.

    code is here (but beware I'm not an IT pro) see scripts.html and dist/scripts.js )

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