Online versus offline functionality

  • in my experience with openjscad, if i run it offline, i have to press f5 before my parameter box will show and the model render. online, it does it when i access the page automatically. why is this?
    thank you

  • @drewpear strange indeed.

    sorry, but i don't have any suggestions at this time. i will post again if i think of something.

    by the way, i just submitted a pull request to enable the editor again for the V2 website. this should be available in the next 'alpha' release.

    i also opened a new issue for changing the shortcuts for the 'reload' of designs. this will be important for mobile devices which has soft keyboards.

  • @z3dev
    thanks for the reply!

    my phone is running android 10 and chrome v. 87
    i created an android app using jscad. the editor, model,
    and parameter box will not show up because it isn't being served
    and there is no way to render the default model. once rendering starts,
    the editor and parameter box appears also.
    if i download jscad and open it up on my computer,
    i've always had to press f5 before the default model renders.
    this is true with all browsers.
    i am able to change the key that has to be pressed.
    i thought this is important because i think a function key
    is hard to emulate. i've been trying to figure out how to
    emulate a keypress with a button's onclick property.
    then i could just have a button labeled start and that would solve the issue
    with running it on android. i've played around with a couple online examples,
    but i haven't gotten there yet. besides a button, i think clicking anywhere on the page can be used to emulate a keypress also. that would work.

    why it auto renders when accessed from a server is curious.

  • @drewpear interesting.

    so, just to confirm things... you are running the application on Android OS... Chrome browser.

    Do you know the versions of Android OS and Chrome?

    I haven't seen this before so some more information would be useful to reproduce.

    You point about SHIFT-RETURN and F5 is valid. Mobile support should be available. Do you have any suggestions on a keystroke for mobile browsers?

  • howdy,
    sorry for the
    i've tried all browsers.
    i'm trying to use it as an app in android.
    there isn't f5 or shift/return capability.
    i found reference to f5 in the javascript, but it's for windows or mac.
    i wonder why it doesn't load automatically if it is not being served up.

  • @drew-pear can you provide the browser name and version? each has it's own set of quirks.

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