A newbie's self introduction

  • Hi, I'm a amateur programmer who's living in Taiwan.
    I'm quite new to openjscad(only 4 weeks) and I appreciate its performance a lot.

    My goal is to build a system which allows users who have no idea about programming to create 3D printable models like flexi animals.
    The users can draw shapes of animals on 2D canvas and add hinges/joints to the shape to generate flexi-style models.

    The previous 3D/CSG engine I used and failed miserably was three.csg.
    I wasted about three months on it and got no meaningful results.
    The results of boolean operation were severely glitched and suffer long lag period while processing.
    This is why I am AMAZED by the performance of jscad.
    Since the time I switched to jscad, the speed of development was improved greatly.
    Now I can create a flexi model for the first time, as shown in the picture.

    My ultimate goal to launch a website which offers free to use systems like this and develop new systems based on user's decision.
    Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated!

  • @Cid-Zhang Thanks! And, welcome!

    Your models look very cool. I'm sure that others will enjoy creating various hinged shapes as well.

    Please let us know if you need some assistance with JSCAD. There are lots of very experienced users in the group.

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