Feb 23, 2015

  • Erik Steinberg
    I'm trying to draw really large objects (about 2 meter long bars). Is it possible to enlarge the grid to show these correctly?
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    Erik Steinberg
    Thanks for that, the grid is now larger, but but it still doesn't show the hole thing. I also changed the ZOOM_MAX und ZOOM_MIN values, without success.

    my code:
    function main() {
    		var a = 25;
    		var s = 2;
    		var l = 1600;
    		var c1 = cube({size: [a,a,l]});
    		var c2 = cube({size: [a-2*s,a-2*s,l]});
    		var p = c1.subtract(c2.translate([s,s,0])).rotateX(90);
    		return p;

    Feb 23, 2015
    Erik Steinberg
    That's it! Thank you, guys

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