Creating Vases (lampshades), experiences or thoughts

  • Hi,
    i've been trying to learn 3d modelling (for 3d printing) with little success.
    Being a programmer, i find this approach quite natural, and was thus happy to find it.

    Since we bought a big house (, i was thinking of creating lampshades and vases in vase mode, and bought an anycubic predator (large print volume).
    Since i want to create 200-500 lamps and 100-200 vases, i would really like to find a way to program them to be able to create different models easily.

    So i am wondering if anybody has experiences (or thoughts). Or even code / models to share.

    Thanks in advance (and for the nice tool)

  • @rubydesign super big welcome!

    i've had thoughts about a special 'vase' website for many years. it seems very natural to use JSCAD to create all kinds of vases. i think that others have created vases of certain kinds as well.

    here's a few of my thoughts...

    • allow the user to create and adjust the outline of the vase
    • allow the user to twist a shape as well
    • allow the user to specify the internal shape as well
    • allow the user to add pre-configured sections to the vase as well, e.g. wine glass stem

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