Call for examples: large projects that become slow to reload

  • I am looking for big project examples that become slow to reload.

    If anyone here is willing to share such project, I am interested to make a more advanced livereload integration that could benefit larger projects.

    I have already made an improvement to jscad reloading code to enable using livereload that makes jscad notice your changes faster. The speed of generating the model is not improved here, just the delay between saving your file, and the start of the refresh.

    lievereload is very simple tool to install (globally or locally for your project).

    To get the benefit:

    • first run livereload in the folder with your project files,
    • then drop your files to jscad web (local instance or

    The way your changes are applied will be different.

    Without livereload, project files are read from your drive periodically (1 to 5 seconds delay that depends how fast last reading was) and your changes are then shown on the screen.

    With livereload, files are not being read periodically, but livereload server notifies jscad of changes and changes are applied quickly (~100ms).
    For relatively small single file pojects it can be under one second from saving file and seing your changes rendered)

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