Is jscad a viable solution for extruding formatted text within the contraints of a design?

  • I have several designs that incorporate text in them. Some are names of people and others ones are names of places. I currently use a drawing program and import to fusion for the extrusion and .stl creation. I've seen some of the examples of what can be done with jscad but what I am looking for might be beyond the functionality or even my own abilities.
    Here's a website that I came across that uses openjscad but I need more abilities based on my own products
    I'd love any feedback or questions. Thanks in advance!

  • @inleftfield welcome to the user group.

    there have been several posts where outline fonts have been used in designs. hopefully, you will be able to find those easily.

    there's a small community project called 'jscad-text' which should provide enough information to get started.

    also, some recent changes to V2 JSCAD allow designs to load and access fonts.

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