I made a site for sharing my Jscad designs. Please tell me how you think about it

  • Hello everyone, I made a static website which demonstrates a collection of Jscad designs I recently made.

    Since I am only an amateur developer, I hope you guys can tell me whether this is good or bad in the aspect of website design.

    Here's the site on GitHub:

    I keep its structure as simple as possible.
    The file system layout is like:
    -------------------/designName/part1.html<--- a page that loads design from .jscad file
    ------------------- /designName/part1.jscad
    -------/index.html <--- index page which shows all designs
    min.js <--- the jscad core

    I have only two goals:
    1.Make it simple and static for website management
    2.Make it easy and friendly for users who don't have experience in 3D modeling/CAD.

  • @WolfgangFahl Thanks for your comment!
    Since I'm not a professional web developer , my current goal is much smaller than yours, which is limited to exhibiting my designs on a static site.
    The version of the core jscad file remains the same and the file is reused over and over again.

    It would take a lot of effort when it comes to hosting a website which can receive and exhibit designs from multiple creators.

  • That's great i would love if we had a common site for all jscad users where they could upload their designs to share. Especially for "components" that would be very useful. I had hoped to get this working based on a wiki but i never got i working due to the complexity of the javascript code and the v1/v2 situation that blocks proper progress. So what did you have to do to get this working?

  • @Cid-Zhang Fun site! Thanks for the inspiration!

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