Expand Geom2 Self Intersecting

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    I am using jsCad V2 with Three.js. I am trying to expand (negative) geom2 and get outline path to convert Three.js LineGeometry. But result is self intersected. Previously i am using same method with old version of jsCad (OpenJsCad Csg Api). The result is not self intersected.

    Is there any solving of this?

    Thank You.

  • @veysel-özer thanks for the nice examples.

    yeah. this is the behavior of V2. it's probably a BUG when contracting 2D geometries, as 2D geometry must have non-crossing outlines by definition.

    a fix can be done in the next version. when that will happen is a big question as everything is on hold waiting for the websites to be restored.

    if you have time then please create a new issue at GitHub.

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