Jul 15, 2015

  • Glenn West
    FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process

    I've found jscad tends to be idea for doing edits to existing stl. This always gets errors in OpenScad.

    For Example, I wanted to change the slot for aluminium extrusion from M... to OpenVslot, so I need to cut a 2020 hole, to get rid of overly large channel protrusions.

    function main(){
    theobj = top_section().translate([-70,-70,0]).rotateZ(-60);
    thecut = cube([20,20,200]);
    theobj = difference(

    This worked fine.

    Now I'm trying to use it to combine components, and I've getting issues:


    function motor_boss()

    function combined()
    a = rotate([0,0,120], translate([14,-7.2,0], rotate([0,0,180], motor_mount())));
    b = rotate([0,0,240], translate([62,-67,0], rotate([0,0,180], motor_mount())));
    c = rotate([0,0,0], translate([90,4.1,0], rotate([0,0,180], motor_mount())));
    return union (a,b,c);


    //translate([5,-40,-0]) rotate([0,0,91]) cylinder(r=30,h=20,$fn=3);
    function main(){
    return combined();

    When I do this, Im getting a error:
    dhcp-65-139:3dr-vslot gwest$ openjscad 3dr_bottom_plate.jscad -o test.stl
    converting 3dr_bottom_plate.jscad -> test.stl (STereoLithography, ASCII)
    render jscad to stl
    FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process out of memory
    Abort trap: 6

    Any Idea Why?

    Looks like I should be able to allocate bigger memory in node, but I cannot find a way of passing the flag for it.

    Source: github.com/glennswest/3dr-vslot
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    Jeff Gay
    STL models include a huge number of polygons. Have you tried the above with a small STL model?

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