Does //!OpenSCAD no longer work?

  • I'm an OpenScad user and have used OpenJSCAD to teach our students about software CAD online. Note students are issued Chromebooks and are unable to load OpenScad so having a Web version was great. Today however it looks like typing OpenSCAD commands no longer works? I don't want to learn to code in Java. Just keep using OpenSCAD as is. Its much simpler and makes more sense to me.

    However today I typed:


    And get an error message.

    TypeError: (intermediate value).union is not a function
    Stack trace:

  • @ksanger welcome

    Correct. The 'OpenSCAD' conversion to JSCAD has been decommissioned. The code is very old and needs some extensive maintenance / enhancements.

    Your students should be able to use the new website easily;

    The 'syntax' to create a new design is slightly different but there's plenty of documentation.

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