Feb 22, 2016

  • Jeff Gay
    Introducing the Trace Tool as Z3D Laboratory. This little tool was created for quickly tracing images, and saving the trace as SVG paths.


    Any supported image can be traced, which means raster images (JPG, PNG, etc) as well as vector SVG images can be traced. It really depends on what your browser considers an "image" file.

    And even better, any SVG image which contains TEXT (any kind of font, size, style, etc) can be traced.

    There are millions of SVG images available on-line, as well as great SVG based drawing tools.

    You can guess where this is going... SVG import into OpenJSCAD.org... Coming soon!
    Z3D Laboratory
    Z3D Laboratory
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    Jeff Gay
    The trace tool now has another button to export the SVG paths directly into the JSCAD viewer. So, you can upload an image, trace the edges, and export to JSCAD from the same page.

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