From .obj to .dxf

  • Hi there

    I´m trying to convert an obj file to dxf. Exporting stl would be fine too. Trying it this way:

    var objDeSerializer = require('@jscad/obj-deserializer');
    var stlDeSerializer = require('@jscad/stl-deserializer');
    var dxfSerializer = require('@jscad/dxf-serializer');
    const fs = require('fs');

    fs.readFile('sceneOBJ.obj', 'utf-8' , (err, data) => {
    var deserializedObj = objDeSerializer.deserialize(data, data, {output: 'geometry'});
    var dxfStringArray = dxfSerializer.serialize(deserializedObj);

    I get this error: only JSCAD geometries can be serialized to DXF

    The obj or stl files I´m using seem to be correct (blender shows them correctly).
    Any clues??


  • @z3dev Happy to hear it!

  • @Gorka-Arakis Yeah! And there’s more to come!

  • It works! Thanks!!

  • @Gorka-Arakis welcome

    Sorry but the documentation for the deserializer / serializer functions are not part of the documentation yet.

    You can find the documentation inside the ‘index.js’ file.

    The general rule is… options are always first. And options have a default value as well. So, the calls become…

    const geometries = deserializer({output: ‘geometry’}, rawdatafromfile)
    const blobdata = serialize({}, geometries)

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