Jun 28, 2016

  • Jeff Gay
    OpenJSCAD 0.5.1 RC (Release Candidate) is available on github using the DEV branch. Feel free to try this release. In a few days it will become official.

    A few new features:

    • Enhanced STL binary import, adding support for Materialise Magics colors, including a new example (By Z3Dev)
      By the way, Tinkercad produces STL files with colors
    • Reworked AMF import to use SAX parser. This implementation is very close to a “minimal” implementation of AMF. (By Z3Dev)
    • Enhanced the main page (index.html) for “local storage (By David Starkey)
      Save to and load from local storage (CTRL-S, CTRL-L)
      Download the source as a file MyDesign.jscad (CTRL-SHIFT-S)
      Automatically resume editing from previously saved source in local storage when visiting the page
    • Updated the render shortcut, supporting both F5 and SHIFT+RETURN

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