Nov 12, 2016

  • Jeff Gay
    OpenJSCAD 0.5.2 RC (Release Candidate) is available on github using the DEV branch. Feel free to try this release. In a few days it will become official.

    A few new features:

    • updated Ace editor to 1.2.4
    • added support for JSON export and import
    • enhanced Processor constructor to support Viewer options
    • added big.html to provide an example of using Processor and Viewer options
    • enhanced Processor to retain multiple returned objects

    And a few bug fixes as well:

    • fixed difference() and intersection() functions for CAG by fischman

    • updated documentation links by Z3 Dev

    • fixed AMF export to set colors only when provided by Z3 Dev
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      Jeff Gay
      Gilbert - You should appreciate this release as the returned objects (array) from scripts are now retained as Processor.currentObjects

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