Oct 11, 2017

  • Chris Jackson
    I'm wanting to see font support in OpenJSCAD - especially for the jscad-atom plugin. Is there anyone working on this? There are a couple of tickets in github, but it looks stalled.
    I have a clone of the BlocksCAD repo that is based on OpenJSCAD and implements font support with opentype.js but the re-organized jscad has changed a lot, so crossing it back over isn't trivial (to me, anyway).
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    Jeff Gay
    Hi Chris,
    If you understand how BlocksCAD implemented support then adding the same to openjscad.org - OpenJSCAD.org should not be difficult.
    Mark and I can answer any questions while you work on the changes.

    Oct 11, 2017
    Chris Jackson
    My best understanding of BlocksCAD's uber object Blockscad, holds the fonts (fonts, fontList, fontName) provides a loader (loadFonts, loadFont, loadFontThenRender) (from text.js) There is a helper in viewer.js (Blockscad.pathToPoints) and the rest of the useful stuff is in openscad-openjscad-translator PrimitiveModules Font prototype.
    So where should I put stuff? I am guessing openjscad/io for the load, core for the pathToPoints and the Font object in csg primatives2d ? Or would a font object be strictly an openjscad thing that should stay there?
    Plus I can see something needing to happen in scad-api?

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