Nov 11, 2017

  • Jeff Gay
    Just a quick update on development...

    A momentous amount of work has been performed to AUTOMATE AUTOMATE AUTOMATE. And there's more to come as the whole pipeline, from library to website, will be AUTOMATED.

    On top of that, we have received some great assistance to enhance and fix the web UI. Sadly, those changes are a little delayed in showing up because... is changing service providers. We hope the whole user experience will improve.

    Underneath, there have been some great work on the SVG library, improving imports, and adding direct object instantiation. In fact, the whole IO library is being transformed to provide objects directly from SVG, STL, etc. More on this later but early adopters are welcome to try out the libraries via NodeJS.

    And of course bug fixes...

    And DXF import is coming as well.

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