Jul 1, 2018

  • Mark Kaercher
    Yesterday, I was successful in going from a GeoGebra graph to a 3D print via OpenJSCAD. You can check it out here: https://twitter.com/shskaercher/status/1013171540752560128

    Today, I can import the OpenSCAD file into OpenJSCAD, but when I try to download the stl file, the OpenJSCAD page freezes and won't download. Any advice? Thanks.
    Mark Kaercher on Twitter
    Mark Kaercher on Twitter
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    Jeff Gay
    Hi Mark
    The design doesn’t look complex so I would expect STL export to work properly.
    Can you supply some information about your browser? Version, etc?

    Mark Kaercher
    Using latest version of Chrome. I think the issue was on GeoGebra's end. The Beta GeoGebra site might have been producing a bad file download. I tried again later in the day and it all worked fine. I'll be in contact if I run into any issues again. Thanks so much!

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