May 29, 2018

  • Jeff Gay
    Release v1.8.4 of OpenJSCAD !

    This was a small update with changes for:

    • examples, reformatted scripts
    • website, improvements in the HTLM (from 20lives and hassadee)

    Keep those contributions and ideas coming!
    Editor. Render Code, F5 or SHIFT + Return. Save To Cache, CTRL + S. Load From Cache, CTRL + L. Clear Cache, CTRL + SHIFT + . Download Code, CTRL + SHIFT + S. Reset View, CRTL + Return. 3D View. Rotate XZ, Left Mouse. Pan, Middle Mouse or SHIFT + Left Mouse. Rotate XY, Right Mouse ...
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    Jeff Gay
    Thanks. Lots of people contributing now, and further improvements are coming.

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