Sep 5, 2018

  • Ami Fischman
    Is there a plan for backwards-compatibility when V2 lands?
    In particular I wonder about users depending on the super-convenient ability to link to
    I assume V2 will break many existing features of the existing API, which will break existing .jscad files as above.
    Maybe make leave that endpoint as-is (running the last pre-V2 version) and host v2 at something like ?
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    Jeff Gay
    We are intending to host V2 and beyond at the new URL; (already hosting a very old version)
    100% backwards compatibility may be difficult at first, but the V2 framework will be far more open.

    Ami Fischman
    +Jeff Gay sounds like will be able to continue serving v1 then, so that's nice for those of us with libraries of existing designs.
    In case it's not already part of the plan: I suggest's version of this incorporate the major version into the URL so that v3 doesn't present a similar dilemma 🙂

    Jeff Gay
    A very good suggestion. Thanks, +Ami Fischman

    Please note that this is the first major version change, so we would appreciate any concerns or ideas.

    Ami Fischman
    +Mark Moissette yes, though I was thinking of

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