Sep 16, 2018

  • Jeff Gay
    Release v1.9.0 of OpenJSCAD !

    For those who did not notice, there’s a new release of, which is going to be the LAST release of V1.

    We released this version because there was one BIG improvement made by lautr3k, which reworked the support for text strings. BIG THANKS AGAIN!

    Major rework for text, including:

    • new functions; vectorChar() and vectorText()
    • new options for height
    • new options for spacing
    • new options for multi-line text alignment
    • new option for font

    The user guide been updated, and you can learn how to use these functions quickly.

    In addition, there were some small enhancements / fixes:

    • enabled the export of 3D objects to DXF 3D Faces (z3dev)
    • fixed the import of SVG files form Inkscape (pentacular)

    Keep those contributions and ideas coming!

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