Dec 22, 2018

  • Bar Smith

    What an awesome project!

    I am looking at building a website which will use JSCAD to display models and I noticed that pull requests are no longer accepted to the master branch because development is going on for an updated version.

    Should I still use the master branch for my development or should I work off of the new version?

    My use case is pretty generic, I am just going to pass JSCAD text and have it render on the screen so updating later should be easy, but maybe I could contribute if I was working off the development version.

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    Bar Smith
    Thanks everyone! That example looks like a good place to start. I am sure I will have more questions, but I will try to constrain them to things about JSCAD and figure out the NPM parts from YouTube

    Bar Smith
    For the record what I am working on is an open source flow implimentation of JSCAD very similar to - Flood or except open

    Bar Smith
    I am really excited about it. The framework you have created with jscad is making my work so much easier :D. I am part of a community that does a lot of collaborative design for big stuff like furniture and hopefully soon architecture. We haven't found a good way to share designs in a parametric way. .svg and .dxf files are nice until you want to do something simple like tweak the design for a slightly different thickness of plywood. The ability for jscad designs to be version controlled through GitHub will be huge too.

    Again, forgive me for my ignorance. I found the min.js file in web/src/ui (thank you for directing me there), but when I run npm run bootstrap it doesn't seem like my changes to that file are being pulled into web/dist/min.js which seems like the fully linked version. Any advice on what I am doing wrong?

    What I am trying to do overall is to add another function next to init() which will let me load a new design by passing in the jscad code to be rendered. This function will need to end up at a scope such that it can be called from another .js file in my page. Is there a better way to do this?

    Bar Smith
    I've been doing some reading through the V2 code (is this the correct branch to look at - csg.js ?) and it looks VERY exciting. The improved performance when translating objects and the addition of connectors would both be huge for my application. I think I will switch to working with the V2 code even if it is still alpha.

    Starting next week I will be working on this full time, is there a way I can be of use to the project? I am happy to do somewhat boring or tedious tasks that need to be done. I also understand if my general greenness with js and newness to the project makes it more effort to get me up to speed than it is worth. Your call, no ego on my part.

    Maybe documentation and examples could be a good place for me to start since I am figuring it all out for the first time myself? If they aren't any good you can just ignore them and I'll learn something in the process.

    Jeff Gay
    +Bar Smith Thanks! We can use all the help you can provide.

    It sounds like you have been looking at code. I’ll start adding you to reviews, which will plug you into V2 at a faster pace. I’m looking forward to some great dialogue. 🙂

    What’s your GitHub ID?

    And like always, please contribute changes! We will review as soon as possible.

    Bar Smith
    Great. I will start working on some V2 documentation right away and hopefully learn something in the process if nothing else. I will make a pull request when I have something together.

    I am BarbourSmith on github

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