Feb 4, 2019

  • Bar Smith
    Hello everyone!

    I am working on a flow type interface to JSCAD. I really think that the combination of JSCAD and the fact that JSCAD files can be version controlled and shared on GitHub is the future of CAD, but I also think that many people who are interested in CAD don't want to learn to program or to use GitHub.

    I am working on an open source UI which handles the JSCAD input as a flow type system, and which access GitHub through their API so your projects are automatically saved there.

    I love JSCAD so far, and the flow interface is working out really well. Clicking on any "atom" in the system gives you a preview of what it will look like which makes it very easy to click through someone else's design and understand how it goes together.

    I'm a little stuck on what the file format it saves in should be. The design is made up of "Atoms" which are the built in JSCAD functions (circle(), translate()...etc) and "Molecules" which serve the role of functions and can contain any number of atoms in an arrangement with the user able to add as many inputs as they like.

    Right now I am exporting to a JSON file which works fine, but I don't think it's the right solution. I would really like to export to a .jscad file which could be run on jscad.org so that I'm not making a new file type.

    Does anyone have thoughts on how to store the type of information that I need to store in a .jscad. Should I put it in the comments? I'm thinking that "Molecules" are functions so each function could have an object within it containing information about the atoms it contains.

    Any and all guidance is welcome! So excited to see where this project leads
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    Bar Smith
    I am not sure I fully understand my own needs yet 😂, but I think I want to store information in the same file as the jscad functions, but I don't know that I really need to store information within the jscad objects themselves.
    +shauki can you tell me more about how you use MongoDB? Is your project public so I can take a look at how you've done it?

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