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  • RE: Jscad code for exposure to the public


    Sure. There are several websites that already have custom layouts, custom controls, etc.

    Here's an example;

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  • RE: Can a html5 app running jscad retrieve rendered (processed) data ?

    @gilboonet Welcome again! Cool little site. 😀

    This is the first time that someone wants to plug into the results of the processing. It may be possible with V2 as there's more flexibility internally. If you have time, can you open a new issue for this? It would be better to track the progress via the issues.

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  • V2 Hulls

    It's official!

    V2 includes hull for 3D geometries, as well as 2D geometries. This has been long overdue, and one of the most requested features over the past few years.

    Big thanks to @jallwine and @hg42 for the initial V1 versions.

    Example of hull for 3D geometories


    Example of hull_chain for 3D geometries


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  • RE: Looking for the name and feedback on an imagined CSG operation/modeling workflow

    There have been several discussions about how to build transitions between shapes. Hull and Minkowski are good at combining shapes but don't really provide the workflow described here.

    Here's one from a while back..

    Can we extrude arbitrary and changing 2D shapes along a 2D/3D path?

    I would hope that some of the folks here could provide some tips.

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  • RE: simple hull fonction

    Sorry, but the hull of 3D solids is not possible with V1 of

    There's a pull request for this which uses an external library, if you would like to try modifying the CSG library locally.

    PR #134

    Otherwise, please be patient as we hope to include this in V2.

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  • V2 Performance

    So, it's time for another update on V2 progress.

    We have been busy finishing those last 5% of changes to the CSG library, which is DONE!!! 🙌 And now, those changes are being merged into the larger repository ( as V2 changes.

    There's a lot of COOL things in V2. 😎

    As mentioned earlier, all of V2 has full test coverage, so we now know when changes break things. And, we have also been working on some performance tests as well, in order to know when performance is affected.

    I thought you'd be interested...

    Here's a comparison of V2 performance versus V1 performance. Note that comparisons are not apples to apples, but you'll get an idea of what's improving. Also, we now know where we need to improve as well.

    PDF File

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  • V2 Rotate Extrude

    We are still working on V2 changes, and making some excellent progress now. So, I thought another teaser would be appropriate.

    The extrusion functionality has been expanded slightly, allowing almost any shape to be extruded (within limits). This also means that shapes with holes can be extruded as well. Here's a quick example of the new extrudeRotate() function.


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  • V2 Deserializers (Import)

    There are some functional changes coming in the V2 deserializers, i.e. importing AMF, DXF, OBJ, STL, and SVG files.

    The first major changes is that both translation and instantiation is possible. Like before, translation of found geometries to JSCAD scripts is possible. In addition, found geometries can instantiated directly in object form.

    The second major change is that ALL found geometries are returned. No more unions. So, you can directly work with any one of geometries.

    The third major change is...


    ... geometries can have color. This conversion was from a large DXF with lots of 2D lines.

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  • RE: Design with random values

    Maybe you could build a table of randon values while in 3D mode, then save those for use by the 2D mode.

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  • V2 Offset

    There's some new functionality coming with V2, which is pretty exciting. So, I thought a little preview would be nice.

    This is the new offset() function, which can calculate the offset of a path or a 2D geometry.

    Here's a photo of a line (black) being offset both positive (green) and negative (red), with rounded corners.


    And here's a simular image of a 2D geometry, but note that this geometry has a hole. So, offsets are applied to both inside and outside edges. In this case, the corners are only connected at the intersection of the edges.


    Hope you like this one!

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