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  • Release : 2022 NOV 26

    Release : 2022 NOV 26

    There's a new release of JSCAD, including changes from several pull requests.


    • modeling: added extrudeHelical

    Bug Fixes

    • modeling: added TS definitions for missing measurement functions

    Thanks to @Loosetooth for the new extrudeHelical() functionality.

    Thanks to @atkinchris for the TS definition fixes.

    Thanks to @Jamesgt for some documentation improvements.


    Successfully published:

    • @jscad/cli@2.2.25
    • @jscad/core@2.6.5
    • @jscad/3mf-serializer@2.1.7
    • @jscad/amf-deserializer@2.3.3
    • @jscad/amf-serializer@2.1.13
    • @jscad/dxf-deserializer@2.3.20
    • @jscad/dxf-serializer@2.1.13
    • @jscad/io-utils@2.0.23
    • @jscad/io@2.4.4
    • @jscad/json-deserializer@2.0.24
    • @jscad/json-serializer@2.0.23
    • @jscad/obj-deserializer@2.0.23
    • @jscad/obj-serializer@2.1.13
    • @jscad/stl-deserializer@2.1.20
    • @jscad/stl-serializer@2.1.13
    • @jscad/svg-deserializer@2.5.4
    • @jscad/svg-serializer@2.3.11
    • @jscad/x3d-deserializer@2.2.3
    • @jscad/x3d-serializer@2.4.3
    • @jscad/modeling@2.11.0
    • @jscad/regl-renderer@2.6.4
    • @jscad/vtree@2.0.24
    • @jscad/web@2.6.2

    lerna success published 23 packages

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  • Release : 2022 SEP 23

    Release : 2022 SEP 23

    There's a new release of JSCAD, including changes from several pull requests.

    Bug Fixes

    • svg-deserializer: corrected logic to allow path start == end point

    Thanks to @hrgdavor for the nice fixes.

    Successfully published:

    • @jscad/cli@2.2.24
    • @jscad/core@2.6.4
    • @jscad/io@2.4.3
    • @jscad/svg-deserializer@2.5.3
    • @jscad/web@2.6.1

    lerna success published 5 packages

    Please note that support for Node.js 12 will be removed soon. Node.js 14, 16 and 18 are the maintained versions.

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  • RE: Transform a 2D rectangle to a L shape

    @Antoine-Guillaume thanks for joining!

    You won't be able to precisely mimic the bending of steel plates. Maybe

    You can use offset to create a round bend. First, create a path for the L, then offset the path to create rounded corners. And finally, extrude linearly to create the plate.

    Please experiment. I think that you can find an answer.

    There are other ways as well, so let us know if you need more help.

    By the way, we have many members so please us you favorite language.

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  • RE: JSCAD preview faster than "same" model OpenSCAD preview

    @Hermann-SW Thanks for all the super insights to your designs. It has been great to see you continue and improve the designs, and finally have a great base for more designs.

    I haven't seen anyone compare JSCAD to OpenSCAD viewers. We continue to improve the viewer (and modeling library) so it's really nice to have some complements. 😃

    We have had some recent performance improvements, based on @platypii and @briansturgill changes. And we have more planned ahead.

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  • RE: REST API or automatic loading from script

    @cncandi It looks like you made a copy of the JSCAD website. That's really customize to support drag-n-drop, loading projects, URL options, etc. It's probably not what you really want.

    Take a look at the websites and frameworks mentioned here.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

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  • RE: How to generate JSCAD model in browser JS and display like demo.html?

    @Hermann-SW There several examples of websites mentioned in this user group, so you might want to contact those authors.

    It seems that you already stumbled across the simple demo as part of regl-renderer. You could build upon that, or adopt one the frameworks, such as React.

    You can find some links on the User Guide. I'm trying to keep this up to date.

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  • Release : 2022 AUG 21

    Release : 2022 AUG 21

    There's a new release of JSCAD, including changes from several pull requests.

    Welcome TAU!

    TAU is the true constant for relating the circumference of a circle to its linear dimension.
    Equivalent to PI*2. You will now find TAU throughout the code base, and mentioned in documentation.
    We believe TAU will make rotations simple to understand.


    const { TAU } = require('@jscad/modeling').maths.constants
    const { cube } = require('@jscad/modeling').primitives
    const { rotate } = require('@jscad/modeling').transforms
    const main = () => {
      const shape = rotate([TAU/4, TAU*0.75, TAU/24], cube({}))
      return shape
    module.exports = {

    For even more information about TAU, see The Tau Manifesto


    • modeling: added TAU constant to maths, and refactored code and documentation
    • web: added chinese translations to desktop/locales and web/locales

    Bug Fixes

    • modeling: added TS definitions for modifiers

    Thanks to @jobinson99 for the Chinese translations for the website.

    Successfully published:

    • @jscad/cli@2.2.23
    • @jscad/core@2.6.3
    • @jscad/3mf-serializer@2.1.6
    • @jscad/amf-deserializer@2.3.2
    • @jscad/amf-serializer@2.1.12
    • @jscad/dxf-deserializer@2.3.19
    • @jscad/dxf-serializer@2.1.12
    • @jscad/io-utils@2.0.22
    • @jscad/io@2.4.2
    • @jscad/json-deserializer@2.0.23
    • @jscad/json-serializer@2.0.22
    • @jscad/obj-deserializer@2.0.22
    • @jscad/obj-serializer@2.1.12
    • @jscad/stl-deserializer@2.1.19
    • @jscad/stl-serializer@2.1.12
    • @jscad/svg-deserializer@2.5.2
    • @jscad/svg-serializer@2.3.10
    • @jscad/x3d-deserializer@2.2.2
    • @jscad/x3d-serializer@2.4.2
    • @jscad/modeling@2.10.0
    • @jscad/regl-renderer@2.6.3
    • @jscad/vtree@2.0.23
    • @jscad/web@2.6.0

    lerna success published 23 packages

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  • RE: support for "data:" URI scheme would be cool

    @Hermann-SW Good questions...

    The website has a little Perl script that does the download of the requested file, and checks the content. This does two things; only know file types are allowed, and this goes around CORS.

    I guess that supporting data URL would be possible, but there would have to be some similar checks for data type, etc.

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  • RE: support for "data:" URI scheme would be cool

    @Hermann-SW thanks for the suggestions.

    The support of data URL contents is not trivia, especially if you expect the 'data' to be evaluated as a JavaScript module. That's kind of breaking every security rule in the book.

    However, the support for DATA formats might be possible, such as supplying JSON contents. But that would be very limited.

    I think the real solution would be allowing the require() to include modules from remote sites. There are many such requests (issues) for the same functionality.

    If you have any ideas then let's discuss via the GitHub discussions. There may be a solution, as modern browsers have a lot of functionality.

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  • RE: JSCAD for planar graph embeddings onto (unit) sphere

    @Hermann-SW I'm not surprised. The boolean functions require memory and CPU, so high resolution spheres will be very slow. However, newer computers are extremely fast now, so please keep making cool designs!

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