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  • Release : 2021 OCT 17

    There's a new release of JSCAD, including changes from several pull requests.


    io: added registration of x3d-deserializer
    modeling: add new measurements for BoundingSphere, Center, CenterOfMass, and Dimensions
    modeling: change geometry transforms to preserve user attributes
    x3d-deserializer: new IO library to deserialize X3D files

    Bug Fixes

    cli: corrected cli to exit with non-zero code in case of errors
    cli: corrected generateOutputData to use registered deserializers from IO module, and added conversion tests
    web: corrected postinstall to ignore specific types of examples


    web: changed default serialize to false, eliminating JSON serialize/deserialize
    modeling: performance improvement for measure bounding box

    NOTE: JSCAD now supports the deserializing (import) of X3D . Please consider this a BETA version.

    Successfully published:

    • @jscad/cli@2.2.9
    • @jscad/core@2.4.0
    • @jscad/amf-deserializer@2.2.2
    • @jscad/amf-serializer@2.0.10
    • @jscad/dxf-deserializer@2.3.6
    • @jscad/dxf-serializer@2.0.10
    • @jscad/io-utils@2.0.9
    • @jscad/io@2.1.0
    • @jscad/json-deserializer@2.0.10
    • @jscad/json-serializer@2.0.9
    • @jscad/obj-deserializer@2.0.9
    • @jscad/stl-deserializer@2.1.6
    • @jscad/stl-serializer@2.0.10
    • @jscad/svg-deserializer@2.4.2
    • @jscad/svg-serializer@2.2.7
    • @jscad/x3d-deserializer@2.1.0
    • @jscad/x3d-serializer@2.2.8
    • @jscad/modeling@2.6.0
    • @jscad/regl-renderer@2.5.0
    • @jscad/vtree@2.0.10
    • @jscad/web@2.4.4
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  • RE: Contributions to JSCAD

    FYI, there's a new monthly contributor who is pledging $2.00 per month.

    Thanks a lot, Kenny!

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  • RE: using an exported STL into a script

    @gilboonet I have a few old tablets as well, and will test this further. I think we adjusted the code to detect this properly, but may have missed something.

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  • RE: proxyUrl setting

    @hamade Can you provide some feedback on the installation?

    What webserver are you using?

    Did you make any special changes to the configuration of the webserver?

    Did you have any issues installing the web site? Make any changes?

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  • RE: using an exported STL into a script

    @gilboonet said in using an exported STL into a script:

    One advantage that Cascade Studio has over jscad is that it works even on old android tablets that used to be able to run jscad but doesn't anymore.

    I would guess that those old tablets have a non-ES6 compatible JavaScript engine. The V2 JSCAD code is taking advantage of some of the newer JavaScript features, such as spread operator, etc.

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  • RE: Embedding a design in a website

    @platypii Very cool!

    The combining of design and JSCAD components is a very clean solution. Kudos!

    I especially like the ability to embed the 'assembled' model directly into GitHub CI.

    @SimonClark should be interested in the feedback as he is working on a community site for sharing designs / parts.

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  • RE: proxyUrl setting

    @hamade Those designs are not accessible.

    That URL needs to work, i.e. the file should download and show in the browser.

    So, the webserver configuration is incorrect.

    Here's an example...

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  • RE: proxyUrl setting

    @hamade OK. Here's where to start...

    The webserver must support PERL, as there's a PERL script that runs on the webserver. (I can assist if you are using Apache)

    After configuring and testing the webserver, copy '' to the webserver, and move into the base directory of the jscad website.

    We use...


    In addition, a new directory needs to be created called 'cache'. The PERL script downloads files and puts the file into this directory.

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  • RE: Embedding a design in a website

    @platypii said in Embedding a design in a website:

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Talk about an under-hyped feature

    Cool! Nice to know that your going full speed again.

    So, there are many ways to put together applications now. Any good suggestions on where to put this information?

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  • RE: proxyUrl setting

    @hamade welcome

    FYI, you are the first person trying this, i.e. installing the full website.

    This is going to take some extra steps because there's some setup for the website, as well as special files for making the website function properly.

    Are you sure that a 100% copy of the JSCAD website is necessary?

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