@z3dev said in Click to item for Callback/Event functionality:

the focus of JSCAD is still 3D printing

Yes, that aligns with what I am doing.


The reason that I was querying this capability is that in the above picture of a drill-tray example, made from a photo-scan, I want to put in different options for the hinge and lid made by clicking on the parts in the jscad ui.

It's no big deal if it's not easy to achieve (as explained by @hrgdavor) in jscad at this point in time. I can resolve this some other way. I just thought it might be easy*

Interestingly, I was able to find that there is a component that does what I need for gltf but I haven't been able to locate an Open-Source equivalent just yet. https://iconscout.com/gltf-3d-editor provides a simple click+transform+rotate component for their platform that does what I was looking for.