how to run demo in V2/web?

  • I raise an issue #462 about creating multiple instances of JSCAD per page and be informed that V2 has the ability to do it. So I clone the V2 repository, start a server on ./web and open the demo.html, but I find no viewers or designs on it(maybe already work?) or what it should look like if it is working properly.


    I also find that the demo.js creates two instances of JSCAD using makeJscad(), which is exactly what I want. But I insert some lines of demo.js into demo.html, there are also no viewers or designs. Are there any docs about how to use makeJscad() properly?

  • Hi @LinGuanfu !
    Visually that seeems correct: if you click on help/question mark do you have a menu with a list of examples ?
    also looking at the console output it seems the two instances are created correctly.
    Please try opening a design in both panels (or drag & droping a jscad file/folder).
    The css is not finished and could use some tweaking (or might not be a perfect fit for all use cases, but should be easy to change 🙂

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