V2 Performance

  • So, it's time for another update on V2 progress.

    We have been busy finishing those last 5% of changes to the CSG library, which is DONE!!! 🙌 And now, those changes are being merged into the larger repository (OpenJSCAD.org) as V2 changes.

    There's a lot of COOL things in V2. 😎

    As mentioned earlier, all of V2 has full test coverage, so we now know when changes break things. And, we have also been working on some performance tests as well, in order to know when performance is affected.

    I thought you'd be interested...

    Here's a comparison of V2 performance versus V1 performance. Note that comparisons are not apples to apples, but you'll get an idea of what's improving. Also, we now know where we need to improve as well.

    PDF File

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