simple hull fonction

  • hello every body,
    I'm trying to do a simple thing a hull between a cube and a cylinder( something very easy to do in openscad:

    hull() {
    cube(10,center =true);
    translate([0,0,60]) cylinder(1,5,5);

    but i'm trying to do this in openjscad for hours now without any result.

    Please help.
    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

  • @z3dev thanks for your answer, i will check that. Any idea of the release date of the V2?
    Thanks again.
    Best regards

  • Sorry, but the hull of 3D solids is not possible with V1 of

    There's a pull request for this which uses an external library, if you would like to try modifying the CSG library locally.

    PR #134

    Otherwise, please be patient as we hope to include this in V2.

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