Just introducing myself 👋

  • Firstly I very much like what you folks are doing over here. I ❤️ js and code-based CAD.
    Couple things I wanted to ask.

    What's the best way for me to get setup and tinkering? I noticed there is a video series by kaosat-dev, there about a year old. Are they still okay with the latest developments?

    Might we put links to this forum instead of google plus in the main openjscad repo? Months ago I had assumed that maybe the community was inactive because of the g+ links. It wasn't until a friend mention activity about V2 that I dug a bit deeper. I'm happy to put up a PR if that helps?

  • @irevdev welcome!

    the README files for the packages will provide some information on installation and initial use. See packages/cli, packages/web, packages/desktop

    the currently available application (www.openjscad.org) is on the master branch. and there is major development on V2 branch.

    we are asking for people to become 'early adopters' if interested in V2. there's been some good progress lately with the creation of the initial v2 packages. more to come in the next few weeks.

  • @irevdev Perhaps I should be more specific. I would be most interested in an option where I can work on files locally (so I can use version control). Should I be using the desktop-app or the plain node modules? And are there any docs on how to set up.
    Sorry if all of this is readily available, I might have just missed them.

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