V2 Update : 2020 SEP 18

  • Please get the latest version of JSCAD V2, as there have been some major bug fixes, and new functional enhancements.

    WEB UI now has touch gestures for mobile devices, across all browsers (except Explorer which is not ES6 compliant.)

    There's a new align function which can align a set of objects using various X, Y, and Z orientations, as well as centers. Thanks to @SimonClark for the contribution!

    New Features:

    modeling: add transforms.align() and measurements.measureAggregateBoundingBox() functions
    dxf-serializer: (export) added support for colors
    svg-deserializer: (import) added support for segments option

    Bug Fixes:

    web: fix json import
    web: support sparse arrays from main() (fixes from @MathieuLoutre)
    web: V2 enable multi-gesture touch events for mobile devices

    For those already using JSCAD V2, be sure to run the following commands.

    git pull
    npm run clean (and answer Y)
    npm run bootstrap

    Both CLI and WEB UI are usable for creating designs. In the WEB UI, it's best to drag-n-drop project folders to the window, and work with the pieces via a favorite editor. If "Enable auto reload" is checked then changes will be detected, and rendered again.

    For those wanting to get hold of JSCAD V2, it's still in 'early adoption' mode. But you can get started here.

    And a BIG THANKS for everyone that has provided feedback. Keep those comments coming!

  • I forgot to mention that the renderer now includes a packaged library. See 'packages/utils/regl-renderer/dist/reglRenderer.js'

    This library can be used standalone in websites to render JSCAD geometries. This is for developers that want to implement other javascript components, like React.js based components, etc.

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