Access to the (fake) FileSystem in WEB Applications

  • Here's something for those wanting 'more' from JSCAD designs.

    The 'fs' (File System) module is available to designs, both NODE.js and WEB versions.

    const fs = require('fs')

    The WEB versions is not 100% compatible, but it can provide access to other data. For example, fonts can be added to the contents of a JSCAD project. And the font can be read via the 'fs' module.

    const data = fs.readFileSync('project_text/Osaka.ttf')

    And used with the jscad-text project, outlines of characters can be created very easily.

    const {primitives} = require('@jscad/modeling')
    const { loadFontFromData, textToPaths } = require('./jscad-text')
    const fs = require('fs')
    const main = (params) => {
      const data = fs.readFileSync('project_text/Osaka.ttf')
      const font = loadFontFromData(data)
      const paths = textToPaths({font, segments: 144}, 'JSCAD! 大好きです!')
      return paths
    module.exports = { main }


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