Two questions about projections

    1. I have several shapes which are best viewed in one particular position. Normally I just create the shape centered (more-or-less) about the origin, and then move it around until it looks the way I want. Is there any way of finding the current position and orientation of the shape (with respect to the camera) so that I can write the position into the original script?
      (I know that I can have rotations and translations as parameters, and use the results of that, but I'm wondering if there's a simpler way.)

    2. In the web viewer (, or its local version demo.html) I can't seem to switch between perspective and orthographic views. The settings claim that the keys "p" and "o" move to each projection, but I can't get my keys to have any affect at all. How can I obtain an orthographic projection in the web viewer, and/or can the projection be written into the original JavaScript file?

    Thank you all!

  • @Alasdair-McAndrew Just for your information, as part of the last release, there's a new project() function which can project a 3D shape to a 2D shape.

  • @z3dev Thank you very much. I would particularly like the option of orthographic viewing or rendering, but both the documentations and websites (for the new V2, and the original) seem quiet on the topic.

  • @Alasdair-McAndrew some very interesting questions. 😀

    1. at the moment, there's no way to set the camera position. i think interacting with the camera via a design may be possible. if interested then please create a new issue and add your thoughts about what kind of interactions would be useful.

    2. i just fixed the shortcuts for repositioning the camera. but i haven't looked at the perpective / orthographic camera shortcuts.