Student projects?

  • As a few of you may know, I am a university academic, and currently I am collecting topics suitable for final year capstone projects. I have several personal "vanity" projects I can give students, which would both keep the teams busy and produce useful results, but in fact projects work better with an external sponsor. If nothing else, students feel that they are genuinely involved in a useful project, which encourages greater engagement.

    If anybody has projects which you think may be suitable for a team of final year IT students, please let me know!

    Of course, it may be that no team chooses that project, but it's always nice to extend the range of our projects.

    This year I supervised two teams: one created a proof-of-concept for an app for Aged Care management (specifically so that loved ones could check up on the health and care of their relatives); the other team worked on a method for automatic identification of individual specimens of the striped legless lizard (Delma impar), a local endangered species.

    Thanks very much,

  • @Alasdair-McAndrew I don't have any quick suggestions but will add some ideas whenever I come across something.

    There is one trend for JSCAD... collaboration. There are lots of frameworks, websites, applications that can house small applets (I don't have a better term) , and making JSCAD work with some of those would be very cool. I've marked the related issues with a label called collaboration as well.

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