V2 Release or Not Release?

  • V2 JSCAD is solidifying nicely now, and all objectives of V2 have been reached, and more. Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the last year or more.

    It's now time to think about the release of V2 JSCAD. There are some ramifications of making a major release, and everyone must be prepared.

    If a NPM based project is using V1 JSCAD then please make sure to use a specific version number for the packages. The latest versions can be found at NPM @jscad.

    Warning: NPM projects using the 'latest' version in configurations will break!!!

    Another subject is the two websites; www.openjscad.org and www.jscad.xyz

    Support for V1 JSCAD at www.openjscad.org has already been stopped. However, there are still lots of folks using V1 JSCAD so this website will continue to exist.

    But for how long?

    Also, there's some feature creep happening now, so releasing V2 JSCAD will help everyone to make the jump forward. Then incremental releases can start, which should be very rapid going forward.

  • We are planning to release on April 1st.

    The only thing missing is the websites. 😔

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