Best way to get started with JSCAD

  • Are there any good resources for starting with JSCAD? I have seen the documentation, but was looking for a getting started section.

    Are there any templates to start with a project or a help section for starting with JSCAD?

  • If you start with a simple file design.js, save it in a folder and use editor of your choice.

    open and make sure you check the option "Enable Auto-reload"
    drag and drop the file into the window and you will see the model

    change your js file and save, changes will be picked-up automatically.
    openjscad checks for changes every second, but if you want to see changes even faster you can use livereload.

    one way to use livereload is via nodejs
    if you have nodejs just run
    npm -g install livereload
    go to the folder with your design and run:

    you must do the livereload step before you drag and drop design into openjscad window.

  • @RunningUtes

    there is one discord server with many cad channels, there are just few ppl on jscad channel . Spread the word, add tickets to github, it is nice to have new community members.

  • @RunningUtes Hello, is as close as possible to a getting started section. I often use its code to start new designs.

    What I am now used to add is :

    add this first require :
    require jscad = require('@jscad/modeling')
    then change others to :
    require { ... } =

    What a new user must be aware of is that the requires are compulsory and maybe it could be a nice resource to have a list, because when you start you don't know what to use and what is the needed require to add to use something. It's a good way to make one dig the doc and the code, but it might be too much for beginners.

    The functional syntax (I mean main = () => { and so on) is maybe a little odd for people who are not hardcore developers, so the examples are useful.

  • I was looking through posts on this user group and discovered there was a Discord group. Anyone have an invite they could send me?

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