Hiring a JScad freelancer

  • I am looking to hire a jscad developer to help me accomplish some things with jscad in my project. Please reach out to me if you are interested. If there is a better place to find or reach out to someone that would have this skillset let me know.

    @z3dev I've seen you mostly contributing to the github. Do you do freelance work or do you know if any of the other devs do?


  • @hrgdavor I’ll try to release in timely manner, but I won’t have time for any new development.

  • I am rather new here and I am trying to contribute a bit, but all in some spare fun time for myself.

    I am curious to know what you are trying to accomplish, but unfortunately have no time to freelance.

    So if no devs are available, I could help a bit.

    @z3dev does your sabatical mean: no more releases until sept 1st ?

  • @Nathan-Apter Wow! Nice to see someone making a serious design!

    I’d love to help out but I’m on a ‘sabbatical’ right now, and won’t be available until September 1st.

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