• I see no mention of

    what is the story with that one ?

    I see that openjscad has gone from V1 to V2 in direction of exports and scriptcad looks like improved V1.

    The option to select models on the screen and see where the code is looks very neat.

    I general I am curious about the split that happend, and lack of joint effort now to make something greater together 😞

  • @jess-yan threejs has this ready-made somewhere(taking mouse point and returning meshes under it),

    I will most definitely post it on the forum here when I have this feature.
    This MAY require a shift away from how jscad works now, but hopefuly can be done with current jscad setup.

    The idea I have for now is to run a AST transform to inject line number information into the script and then run the modified script. This is something I am able to do, but I have other stuff in the pipeline before this 🙂

  • @hrgdavor
    This feature is cool and very useful. I tried to map the mouse coordinates to the canvas coordinates, but without success. Do you have the realization of this function?

  • the feature that is there that you can select model in 3d and see the code that created it, and vice-versa is cool.

    I do have that one in my own future plans too.

    I should have it in my prototype relatively soon, but it will take much longer to integrate into jscad, there are plenty of cleaning up to be done in jscad 🙂 ...
    Any such prototype code will be messy(esp. when I do it 😄 ), and it takes time to clean it after proof of concept works.

  • René has always been near and or around JSCAD development so there has been plenty of opportunity for interaction.

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