link with script + library

  • Hello, I'm trying to give a link to open a .jscad script using a library into How can I specify the library file ? Here is a snapshot of what I have without it.
    0_1559204836524_Capture d’écran de 2019-05-30 10-11-04.png

    I'm starting to use libraries for my designs, locally there is no problem, I can easily drag and drop the files, but the same is not possible when I want to share a design on my github design repository.

    By the way, as I am asking this question, is it possible to know if such library could be used in the V2 ? (each library is a function having child functions)

  • I just found that there is an issue on the repository about this concern : For the moment I simply copy-paste the content of the library into the script to make it work.

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