All parameters being ignored in local install.

  • I'm just getting started with setting up for contributing. Followed all instructions on an Ubuntu 18.04 dev box.
    node -v : 12.18.1
    npm -v : 6.14.5
    npm test : all passed
    Starting the web server, and I can create objects in a simple script, but all parameters are being ignored. ie:

    function main() {
      return cylinder({r:12, h:1});

    returns a cylinder with radius 1, height 1.
    Similar results with other primitives, transforms, etc.

    Any ideas what could cause that?

  • thanks @z3dev. I made some bad assumptions about what docs were relevant 🙂

  • Thanks, I thought I did follow the directions there. I'll try it again on a local VM.

  • Hi Simon,

    When you say 'contributing' the I'm guessing that you are going to work with JSCAD V2. Please follow the notes in Early Adoption of V2.

    The JSCAD V2 API is different, so you'll also need to see the documentation. You can generate the documentation as well by running..

    npm run docs

    There will be a full set of documentation in the 'out' directory, i.e. HTML files. Just open 'index.html' with any browser.

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